Holzgriff produces wooden camera grips and is dedicated to continually evolve its products, improving the usability of cameras.


The name ‘Holzgriff’ is derived from the German translation of ‘wooden grip’; I like to keep things simple, underpinned with practical design aimed at providing the photographer with the most natural experience.


"A crucial experience for me was a journey to Indonesia, in the rainy season, my DSLR equipment was too heavy for travelling so I decided to buy a weather sealed system camera. When I held that camera in my hands, I felt that I couldn’t use it effectively the way it was designed; I needed a better grip. My first design was simple and raw, nevertheless the camera felt good and safe in my hands. The grip did its job perfectly throughout the whole journey. It took over six months until I decided to develop this concept to use with other cameras."


We hold cameras with our hands, therefore a grip must be made for hands. For thousands of years tools have been made out of wood. It's a sustainable raw material that is both nice to touch and hold. Each grip is a unique item.


Photography is much more than catching a moment- it’s passion, it's hard work, it's a calling. The camera gives you the power to capture these moments. To do that effectively, it must fit your needs. An important part of this is, being able to hold the camera safely and handle it naturally; a proper camera grip is essential for this.



Holzgriff grips are first CNC milled and then processed by hand to guarantee the highest quality. Our aim is to provide a natural and comfortable experience when using your camera. I try to achieve this using knowledge, skill and experience.


Holzgriff produces a camera grip that allows you to handle your camera in the best possible way.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and any questions that you might have.